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Afraid? Who? Me?!

I am afraid of my own blog.  Wasn’t that a movie with Steve McQueen?  I’m pretty sure that it was a horror story also.  THE BLOG is just another social media tool that intimidates the hell out of me.  I started to read one of those Dummies books about Twitter, and I was almost reduced to tears.  I was having flashbacks to my 13-year-old self sitting at the kitchen table in Waterford, Michigan with my father.  My 8th grade math book was sprawled in front of me and my dad was yelling, “LINDA, YOU ARE NOT STUPID.  YOU ARE JUST NOT TRYING!”  My dad was only half-right.  I really was trying, but I just could not grasp the concept of anything beyond additions and subtractions.  I mean, what else does one need to know for day to day life when it comes right down to it?  I am now 61 years of age.  I cannot come up with one single incident where being able to multiply numbers in the blink of an eye saved my life … or even changed it in any significant manner.   Even worse than multiplication tables were “story problems”.  Does anybody remember “story problems”?  They went something like, “If Farmer Jones has three pigs and gives one pig to Farmer Smith, then how many pigs does Farmer Jones have left?”  I was always like, “How the hell should I know?  For all I know Farmer Jones could have gone out and bought eleven more pigs after he left Farmer Smith’s farm!  What … now all of a sudden I am responsible for Farmer Jones’ animal inventory?”  God, how I hated “story problems”.   So, now I find myself struggling to make sense out of something called “Twitter” and THE BLOG so that I can market my work as an author.  I’m pretty sure that I am up to the challenge.  After all … I am not stupid … and I really am trying.   I still don’t give a hoot about Farmer Jones’ silly pigs.

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