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Hi Res Daredevil Final (2)LESLIE’S TAKE ON DAREDEVILS: (dialogue)

An excerpt from my newly released eBook, “Daredevil”; a Leslie & Belinda Mystery. Two sassy, senior sleuths, Leslie & Belinda are on the hunt for a missing girl; and it leads them on a crazy chase through a dark graveyard with Leslie’s eight-pound-dog, Riff-Raff, right in the middle of all the action.

… “Roy’s nephew, Eric, is lost in the Idahoan wilderness.”

… “I’m sorry, but I have never heard anything about Idaho having a wilderness. Alaska? Yes. Alaska has wilderness. Borneo probably has wilderness, but Idaho? Seriously?”

… “Roy said his nephew is a trained survivalist. That means…”

“I know what a survivalist is, Belinda. Those are people who store gallons of water, cans of tuna fish, and jars of peanut butter just in case there is some major catastrophe and they are the last people left on Earth. Why would one of those survivalist types wander around in the wilderness with their stash of survival supplies?”

“Belinda sighed, “Leslie, Roy’s nephew is the kind of survivalist who is trained to survive out in the…well, the wilderness. Sort of like a super Boy Scout. He was supposed to check in at the ranger station two weeks ago, but he never showed up. Roy said the poor guy’s wife is worried to death?”

I don’t have much patience for this sort of thing, but I tried. “So, this Eric guy went out into this wilderness that you claim exists in Idaho, alone, depending solely on his wily survival training: starting a fire by knocking stones together, building a shelter out of pinecones, stuff like that?”

“Well…yes. I guess if you put it like that. Don’t you see how dangerous that would be, Leslie? Going out there alone like that? The poor guy could have been attacked by a mountain lion or a bear or something?”

“Mountain lions and bears live in the wilderness, Belinda. People are supposed to live in houses. If a mountain lion or a bear attacked this man, it certainly isn’t the fault of the lion or the bear. Now, if a lion or a bear attacks my mailman right here in civilization that would be a matter for concern. That being said, this is the United States of America. In America it isn’t against the law to have a stupid hobby. If he is a good survivalist, then he will survive. I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you.”

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The following in a snippet from an interview I did with an author buddy of mine. Check out the entire interview at

“Conversation with Linda S. Browning, Mystery Writer” (1/31/15)


Q. I understand you’re working on a novel, IN-BETWEEN REFLECTIONS. What challenges have you faced going from short stories to a novel?

I don’t like to write in third person. Too much “he said…she said”. How many different ways can you say it? I find writing a novel-length story to be outside of my level of talent. I get bored with myself. I’m in a hurry to tell the story. I’m usually done at around 53,000 words. I’m not big on writing descriptions of…say…what the wallpaper looks like. If I spend any time talking about the wallpaper, it is probably because there is a body behind the wall somewhere.

Note of interest (or not): The photograph doesn’t have anything to do with the interview. I just like it