Monthly Archives: July 2015


Hawaii is supposed to be everyone’s dream vacation. Not for me. I have rational thought behind my non-desire to visit Hawaii.

  1. Tom Selleck doesn’t live there anymore.
  2. It takes WAY too long to fly to Hawaii.
  3. Most importantly: ALL of the land in Hawaii is surrounded by ocean. In other words, Hawaii is entirely made up of islands. AND, there are volcanoes on those islands.

I know…I know…people claim the volcanoes in Hawaii hardly ever spew lava. Sure. These are the same people who believe the twelve foot alligator floating in the Bayou near the dock is simply taking the afternoon sun. I have no desire to run for my life from an erupting volcano only to be stopped up short because the state of Hawaii ran out of land. I have no doubt that the islands in Hawaii are beautiful. Toast tastes good too; but, it is still just burned up bread.