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Excerpt from “Parlor Game”

The following is an excerpt from my short story, “Parlor Game”. My story about a haunted Ouija board was selected as second place winner in Mystery Times 2015 by Buddhapuss Ink. The short story collection is now available for order at

MT2015FRONTCover (2)“I awoke clawing and gasping for air. Scrubbing both eyes with fists, I stood and took unsteady steps towards the bathroom. My bare feet slopped across wet carpeting. After turning on the bedside lamp, I realized I had knocked over the water glass I keep next to the bed. The almost emptied glass laid on its side…water plopping to the carpet. I made my way to the bathroom with the intention of washing my face and getting a towel to mop up the water. Turning on the bathroom light I leaned heavily against the vanity and faced myself in the mirror. 

She stood behind me. She was a couple of inches taller than me and really skinny. She had very long dark hair; parted down the middle like the singer, Cher, when she was with Sonny. She wore cut-off blue jeans frayed at the hem and a pink and white striped short sleeved blouse. Her lips were rimmed with shiny pink lip gloss. There was a feathery whisper of movement against my hair as I watched her arm float over my shoulder. Her short nails were painted to match her lip gloss. She touched a finger to her mirrored self; Peter Pan trying to capture his shadow. There was no malevolence in this apparition…only an abundance of wanting. She met my eyes for only the briefest of moments. Her lips formed a weary, weak smile.

The only face in the mirror was my own. Sophie Mathews was gone. Sinking to the cool ceramic tile I hugged my knees and wept for this incomplete young woman. I accepted Sophie’s ghostly visit without question. She was real.”