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Pickett House printReviewed by Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite
Laura Dole’s life and that of her two children, Cassie and Steph, were thrown for a loop with the untimely death of her husband, Steve, in an auto accident. Realising her inability to make ends meet and seemingly unable to gain employment in their city, Laura makes the decision to travel to the small, rural town of Bigby, Tennessee. Pickett House by Linda S. Browning tells us the story of an old family mansion in Bigby that was left to the town by its owner, Elizabeth Pickett, to be turned into a B&B for the benefit of the town and to increase tourism. Laura, through her sister, Stacey, is offered the opportunity to manage the B&B, but can she and her city kids adapt to life in the Tennessee countryside? What is special about Pickett House and especially the late Elizabeth Pickett? Is the house haunted?

Pickett House was a very gentle, sweet, and cozy story of a family’s return from loss and grief. The mysteries of the old house were slowly and carefully unraveled by Linda S. Browning, and I found myself easily and simply drawn into this sweet tale. It is so refreshing these days to read a lovely story, wonderfully written, that still espouses the true country values that seem to have been lost in the big cities. There’s no murder, mayhem, sex or violence in Pickett House, but rather a story of a woman and her children’s search for a new life, a new beginning, and a new purpose. The beautiful old house is the centerpiece of this tale, and the happenings within tie the whole story together wonderfully. I loved this book. Kudos to Browning for this work.