Monthly Archives: July 2017


OMG. Do not go to the grocery store on July 3rd. What a zoo. I finally got up to the cashier. The little old lady ahead of me got all befuddled by the debit/credit card machine. I’m thinking, “God save us from demented old ladies.” She finally got it figured out with the help of the cashier guy. I bagged my own groceries…feeling smug. Reached for my wallet. No debit card.

“OMG,” cried I, “I must have left my card at the pharmacy.” Cashier guy took off. Two seconds later I reached in my pocket. Debit card. The guy behind me had one thing in his hands. He was in his early twenties…or twelve. He was looking everywhere except at me. No doubt thinking, “God save us from demented old ladies.”

I said to the young guy, “Run over there and tell him I found it.” Still not looking me in the eye, he whirled around to take off. About then, cashier guy came running back and three people yelled at him, “SHE FOUND IT!”

I slunk out of the grocery store, hiked to my car, piled it full of stuff, and headed home. Half way home I wondered, “Gee. I wonder if the cashier guy ran my 75 cent coupon?” I turned around.

I’M KIDDING! I went home. Good Lord. Do you think I’m demented?