An educated, professional woman-friend of mine recently went on vacation. She had one glorious day. She caught a nasty virus and spent the rest of the week sick and miserable. She came home and spent two more weeks recovering from having been sick and miserable. Pay attention people…I don’t normally travel…but when I do, Lysol is my best friend. I don’t walk around with a can of Lysol strapped to my head like a minor’s helmet…because such technology does not yet exist. I’ve come pretty close, however.

Follow this closely…I am using a motel room as a mind-walking example: Mind-walk yourself into your hotel/motel vacation abode (pricey vs. cheap is irrelevant) and see yourself…touching stuff. Holding a can of Lysol firmly in one hand, stiff-arm, point, and spray the following (note: this listing is not all inclusive because different people touch different stuff):

  • All door handles. Including the little bitty one on the little bitty microwave and the little bitty refrigerator.
  • All light switches. Including the lamps.
  • The telephone. Receiver and buttons.
  • Those stick things that dangle from the drapes to allow you to jerk the drapes opened and closed.
  • All faucets.
  • Definitely saturate the toilet handle.
  • THE BIG ONE: The remote control. You have no idea where that thing may have been. Better yet…spray it and then push the buttons with the non-brushy end of a toothbrush (you may want to pack an extra toothbrush).This has been a public service announcement and applies not only to hotel/motel rooms but is equally relevant to time sharing abodes or even when visiting the home of a family member. Familial germs can still pack a punch. However, do be discreet. Unless your goal is to never be invited back…in that event, strap a can of Lysol to your forehead and go for it. DSC00041

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