GETTING TO KNOW LESLIE (the character)

mystery times ten coverFunny excerpt from No Wake, first place winner: “I found a dead body once. I was working in home health and went to see Mrs. Weatherford…I whoo-hooed my way through the house into the bedroom. There she was. Mrs. Weatherford was on the bed facing me. Eyes wide open, with blood trickling out one corner of her mouth. I got out of there. I called the office on my cell phone—which back in those days was the size of a small suitcase. I spoke with one of the nurses. She asked me, “Are you sure she’s dead?”

“Yes, she’s dead.”

“Did you take her pulse?”

“God, no.”

“Then, how do you know she is dead?”

“Look,” I said, “she’s either dead, or she has the best poker face that I’ve ever seen.”


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