sixth grade

Sixth Grade Science

sixth gradeI recently came across a notebook written by yours truly when I was in the sixth grade at Pierson Elementary School in Flint, Michigan. This was prior to the high levels of lead in the water; therefore, I cannot attribute any of the following creatively written excerpts of my youthful knowledge of science and scientific-like stuff to poisoned water. Evidently I have always had a way with words. Enjoy the following topics and excerpts:

TOPIC: The Human Body. Partial excerpt from Linda’s term paper.

“Your body is likeĀ a machine because you move your arms and your legs and everything.”

TOPIC: What is digestion? Partial excerpt from Linda’s term paper.

“The food is chewed.”

TOPIC: The Human Eye. Partial excerpt from Linda’s term paper.

“Muscles in the eye help you to move your eyes.”

TOPIC: First Aid for Drowning. Partial excerpt from Linda’s term paper (and, my personal favorite).

“A drowned person usually looks dead.”

This kid obviously had a future in the world of words. It’s okay if you want to laugh; however, I got an A- on the notebook.


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