I self-published my book, In-Between Reflections, during a period when I was scared and felt helpless. My husband had just had surgery, ended up dehydrated, and I was told that he was in kidney failure territory. I went home and started fooling around with the self-publishing site on Amazon. The next thing I knew, I had an eBook for sale. Wow.

Of course, the book wasn’t anywhere close to being ready for publishing. It needed serious rewriting, editing, and everything else known to the world of publishing. I suppose this little adventure of mine served51LhGjavIZL__SX312_BO1,204,203,200_ its purpose. I was distracted from my personal fears for a little while.

By the way, my husband is recovering well. And, I have gotten input from author friends on In-Between Reflections. It’s a great story. The telling of it needs a lot of work. I’m fine with that. I’ve pulled the book from Amazon.com. I’m going to take a nap.

p.s. I wish to thank my daughter for buying the book.

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