Rambler CoverExcerpt from Rambler, book three in the Leslie & Belinda Mystery series, releasing in July 2016 from Buddhapuss Ink LLC. Copyright © 2016 Linda S. Browning. All rights reserved.

This is Leslie reflecting on turning age 69.
“When I was a teenager, the number sixty-nine was infamous. The alphabetic spelling of the number had no significance other than representing the number following sixty-eight. The numerical version became a secret code for an agile sexual maneuver. At the time, a lot of us didn’t appreciate what was so scandalously naughty about 69. That didn’t stop us from scrawling it all over our lockers and decorating sidewalks with chalked 69’s while giggling like fools. I was probably seventeen when I learned that 69 had something to do with sex of an orally reciprocal nature. I grew up when girls were not as knowledgeable about sex as they are nowadays. Even when I finally grasped the meaning behind the whole 69 phenomena, the whole thing impressed me as a rather dyslexic gymnastic maneuver.”


Preorder now. Release date on July 31, 2016

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