Excerpt from Rambler, book three in the Leslie & Belinda Mystery series, releasing in July 2016 from Buddhapuss Ink LLC. Copyright © 2016 Linda S. Browning. All rights reserved.

Rambler Cover

Leslie is describing Riff-Raff.

“My dog, Riff-Raff, is an eight pound Maltese/something-else dog of the female gender. When she hit the ten pound mark, Riff went on a diet. I usually take her everywhere, but the Turkey Creek Mall people are a bunch of snobs, so I had left her with Mrs. Towers. Mrs. Towers is an eighty- five-year-old widow friend of ours who resides in Unit 19 of our complex. She is going on her third year of being eighty-five. She gets around pretty well with a walker for eighty-five-plus. She has one of those help-I’ve-fallen gizmos but it never seems to be anywhere nearby when she falls. Fortunately she has wall-to-wall carpeting, as I do. I do not understand why older people elect to reside in single-level homes to avoid stairs and then put in hardwood flooring. Carpeting cushions a fall whereas hardwood is a blunt instrument to the back of the head. Quality carpeting is also kinder on the arthritic knees of an older person. I float to the floor with the grace of a balletic fairy. I rise with grunts. When I find myself nowhere near anything substantial enough upon which to lever, I am reduced to log-rolling across the carpeting until I encounter something. Riff likes it when I log-roll. She thinks it’s a grand game.”

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