I bought a Jitterbug phone. I tried with the Smartphone. Honestly. I did try. It was simply too painful.

I bought the flip-phone Jitterbug. It’s red. It fits in my hand with just enough heft to feel like a phone. I don’t feel as though I am talking into a graham cracker. With the Smartphone, the earpiece part of the phone never seemed to be anywhere near my actual ear. Drove me nuts.

I realize now I was never going to be comfortable with a Smartphone. I am from the generation of Windex. There is something about smearing fingerprints across a window that is simply not done. I couldn’t even answer the danged thing half the time.

I like my flip-phone. It rings. I flip it open and say hello. When the call is over, I say goodbye, and flip it closed. No finger smearing required.

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