I looked up the history of golf. Golf was invented around the same time as the lawn. The lawn. Lawn…rhymes with yawn. According to Wikipedia the lawn was invented in the 15th century somewhere in northern Europe. I don’t remember why. Probably to allow the aristocracy to gaze across their tranquil acreage without having to strain their neck muscles looking around trees. Perhaps the lawn was invented for more practical purposes. The enemy would be easy to pick off scampering across a nicely trimmed lawn; preferable to bandits popping up from behind trees and weeds and stuff without warning.

The game of golf is credited to (blamed on) Scotland; again, around the 15th century. During my research I came across a quote by President Woodrow Wilson. His physician required him to play daily for health reasons. In 1914 Wilson described the game as being:

An ineffectual attempt to put an elusive ball into an obscure hole with implements ill-adapted to the purpose.

I am not familiar with President Wilson’s policies. He sure got it right when it came to golf.

Excerpt from the writings of Linda S. Browning

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