We Went Somewhere (part one)


Now, we are home. And, nevermore shall we roam.

My husband, Fred, and I live in a lovely home in a lovely retirement community. We are surrounded by pristine lakes, trees, majestic mountains, and old people. It’s great. Our retired neighbors and friends are always going somewhere. Mexico, Hawaii, New York, Washington, D.C. People are always going somewhere else. Every once in a while my husband and I question whether we are missing out by not going somewhere. About once a year we get the itch to blast out of our routines. It is never a good idea.

This year we decided to take a three hour trip to ride the Smoky Mountain Railroad in Bryson City, North Carolina. We figured the fall colors would be awesome. They were. Because we don’t travel Fred and I do not have a GPS (global positioning something). We navigate via maps and the internet people who specialize in providing road trip directions to GPS deprived individuals.

Fred decided he liked the Bing map directions. He printed them off and away we went to go somewhere. The road trip took us through Lenoir City, Tennessee. We “turned right” onto US-129 which would take us into North Carolina. US-129 was only 32.7 miles. We had no idea US-129 is also called “Tail of the Dragon”. 318 curves in 11 miles. Wiggling up the mountain.

What a nightmare. Fred spent 32.7 miles tap-dancing between the brake and gas pedal. I spent 32.7 miles under the dashboard. I am not fond of heights. At one point Fred announced we were approaching a “scenic overlook”. I hate them. I know what thousands of miles straight down looks like, and I don’t like it.

Check it out.  Sheesh.


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