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In an attempt to market my eBook, Daredevil (available now for pre-order at for $.99), at my neighbor’s request, I went over to help her order the eBook. I live in a retirement community. At sixty two, I am considered one of the kids in the neighborhood. My neighbor is not a kid. Neither is her (almost) identical twin sister who lives around the corner. These two sisters are from the East Coast and screech like nails across a blackboard when excited. One sister has an iPad which she uses to take and show pictures of her vacations. The other sister has a Kindle that she never uses and can’t remember how. They both recognize “Amazon” as a river which is home to huge and scary snakes.


I finally managed to place an order to the twin’s Kindle with the other twin’s credit card. Who knows whether either one of them will ever access or read “Daredevil”? Hey, I tried.


As the result of my rodeo with the twins, I did learn that it is possible to order Kindle books directly to a personal computer. No handheld electronic device is required.

I was provided this nifty information by my publisher.

NOW she tells me.

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